Quality management

We’re improving, so that you can too!

You can always expect our language school to deliver language training customized to your specific needs. And thanks to the strict quality assurance measures we have in place, you can always expect top-of-the-range service delivery, too. Firm believers in transparency, we document our results for everyone to see. We invite you to take a look: it’s all there in black and white!

Read on to find out what specific measures we use and how they work:
More than 92% of our language students rate our language tuition as ‘very good’ or ‘good’!

Our strategy – your advantages

Keeping our clients & language students happy

Thanks to our strategic consistency, we ensure that any adjustments can be undertaken promptly while the language course is ongoing, allowing us to keep everything on track. We are always keen to hear what our course participants have to say about what we can do better and how we might innovate and grow.

... and our language teachers too

It goes without saying that we only employ well trained and qualified instructors.

Besides being qualified language teachers, many of our instructors have specific professional expertise that ties in with our specialized courses. What’s more, a lot of our staff members have been with for us for a considerable number of years. We attach great importance to upskilling and supporting our teaching staff: Petra Schröder is the go-to person for educational issues, Albert Schröder supports teachers with business-related issues. Furthermore, Schröder & Schröder assist their teaching staff with organizational and teaching materials.

Ultimately, of course, our language students also benefit from our highly satisfied pool of teachers and their high level of loyalty to our company.

This is how our language students rate us

The scores below are the result of more than 15,000 assessments

We’re sure you’ll agree – these results are excellent! If you would like more detailed information on the assessment results, write to us at:

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