‘We’re the Schröders’

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Originally our teaching activities focused on Germany’s Rhine-Ruhr region. More than 20 years’ on, and with a constantly growing team of language instructors, we now deliver language services nationwide to companies and businesspeople.

Why choose Schröder & Schröder? Because our language training is not ‘off-the-shelf‘ but comes in personalized service packages designed to meet the exact specifications and requirement profiles of each and every one of our customers!

As a company and as a language student, you benefit from learning precisely those things that you need for your job, for your social interactions and for your everyday life. This customization concept not only makes for more satisfied language students, it ultimately enhances their quality of life and improves productivity at the workplace.

We would be happy to provide our language services to you and your company! We look forward to hearing from you!

What can we offer you?

Vocationally oriented teaching materials

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We use a wide range of vocationally oriented textbooks and audio-visual materials which we source from German and international publishers. Our teaching tools cover all fields of professional practice, from general contexts to our specialized courses. Ongoing work by education scientists and publishing companies means our collection of new and updated reference works is continuing to grow. And, of course, we also make a point of embracing current issues (written correspondence, reports, presentations etc.) requested by our language students.

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