Business English

Improve your English skills in personalized lessons

At our language school, we give business employees an opportunity to learn exactly the kind of Business English they need. And we do it by aligning lessons to their existing knowledge and goals. Our language courses are never average or ordinary. First, we define your learning context. Then we identify where your focus lies. And, last but not least, we also explore your goals and aspirations.

We always start out with a free placement test to assess our students’ language skills. This enables us to form groups of students who share the same level of proficiency. But whatever you’re starting point and whatever goals, we always adapt our courses to suit you – never the other way round.

What are your training requirements?

All learning contents and materials as well as the priorities you set are customized to fit your precise needs.

Specialized language courses

In addition to our general job-oriented language instruction, we also offer the following specialized business English courses:

What can we offer you?

Certificates & tests

for Business English

Certificate of participation

Every participant who completes one of our training courses gets a Schröder & Schröder certificate of achievement.


As a certified TOEIC test center (Test of English for International Communication), we organize language tests on request. Test takers get a score report, including a 10-part analysis, that they can use to demonstrate their English-language proficiency to companies, authorities and universities etc.

More on TOEIC tests ...

Foreign language certificate (IHK) &
Foreign language correspondent (IHK)

We assist you to prepare for the specialist examinations ¬– foreign language proficiency and foreign language correspondent – run by Germany’s Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IHK). Candidates take the exam at the IHK directly.

Cambridge English Certificate (LCCI)

We provide targeted support for any Cambridge English and/or LCCI exams you need or would like to take (Business English Certificate B1, B2 and C1). The exams are held at licensed test centers.

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