Customised courses for professionals


Our company name is meant to express the core idea behind our work and our training concept. We combine our training and our experience to bring you a fully customised service.


Individual customisation


Together with our clients, we draw up a course concept that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the company concerned. The contents of the course are customised to suit the professional demands of the course participants and the concrete aims of the clients


Vocational teaching materials


This is why we make use of a variety of vocational course books and audio-visual materials from national and international publishing companies, which can cover all areas of working life and our own specialised courses (in line with point 4 in our section on courses). This stock is continually supplemented and revised thanks to the work of many educationalists and publishing companies.


In parallel to this, topical issues relating to the work the course participants do (correspondence, reports, presentations, etc.) are also integrated into the courses.

Qualified teachers


In keeping with the courses we offer, we work exclusively with well-trained and qualified teachers. A lot of our trainers, who have worked for us for many years, have specific qualifications that correspond to the specialised courses we offer. We set great store by the advanced training and support of our teaching personnel. Petra Schröder assists our teachers with regard to didactic issues and it is Albert Schröder's role to provide our teachers with technical support.


Quality assurance


Throughout the entire duration of the courses, stringent quality assurance measures accompany the services we provide. We maintain close contact with our clients for this purpose.


Learning progress


In order to grade course participants and to measure the progress they make, we use the CEF scale, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which, since its launch in 2001, has firmly established itself in the educational and professional world all around the globe.


The company is run by entrepreneurs

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Altenbergstr. 8  •  40235 Düsseldorf

Telefon: 0211 5989 7788  •  Fax: 0211 5989 7744