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We are an owner-operated language school. We combined our experience and training in the fields of language, education and business and used them to develop a vocational training concept for our language school that now offers courses for (nearly) all areas of work in today's business and corporate world. Our language school offers a comprehensive range of specialised courses – particularly for English.


All other languages that are of particular relevance to international business such as French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Chinese as well as German are all part of the range of services of our language school.


Our market area covers the entire Rhine-Ruhr region.


To date, we have carried out language courses for 238 companies.

At present, 75 teachers work for us.

The company is run by entrepreneurs

The language school with consistent quality management

Regional - withj the Rhine-Ruhr region as its market area

Schröder & Schröder GmbH

Schule für Wirtschaftssprachen

Altenbergstr. 8  •  40235 Düsseldorf  •  Telefon: 0211 5989 7788  •  Fax: 0211 5989 7744  •  E-Mail:


Altenbergstr. 8  •  40235 Düsseldorf

Telefon: 0211 5989 7788  •  Fax: 0211 5989 7744