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Exam dates


We can arrange exam dates in line with our clients' wishes. This means that exams can be taken at any time.



Exam fees


A) Private Individuals/Individual Dates













B) In-Company-Termine


•  Company groups of 4 to 9 participants € 100 + VAT per person

•  Company groups as of 10 up to max. 25 participants € 85 + VAT per person


C) Certificates


The exam fees mentioned also entitle every candidate to a "score report" with a 10-point analysis of their performance. This score report is accepted as proof of language competence by companies, authorities, universities, etc.


A certificate can also be issued. This certificate costs an additional € 15 plus VAT.



€ 125.00 + VAT for individual dates at any time on weekdays. Please call or send us an email to arrange the date



€ 150.00 + VAT for individual dates on Saturdays and Sundays. Please call or send us an email to arrange the date


  • ›  What is the TOEIC?

    The TOEIC, Test of English for International Communication, is a gauge that companies can employ to evaluate English language competence, using a common worldwide framework. The TOEIC is especially good for global players as a tool to control personnel development and recruitment policy, at the same time as maintaining international consistency.


    The TOEIC is a test of the English language skills of candidates, whose mother tongue is not English. It measures and values general English knowledge within an international business context. The TOEIC results give an indication of how good someone can communicate in the English-speaking business world.



  • ›  Who created the TOEIC?

    The TOEIC was developed by the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, USA (ETS). The Chauncey Group Europe S.A. (Paris), a subsidiary of ETS, administers the TOEIC in Europe. Likewise ETS is the administrator for study purposes required in North America and the well-known TOEFL. ETS developed the TOEIC in 1979 on request of the Japanese Ministry for International Commerce and Industry (MITI).



  • ›  International Distribution and Operation

    The TOEIC is actually put into practice over 5 million times in more than 60 countries in over 4,000 businesses and tertiary institutions. The main focus is still on Japan and other Asian countries. The TOEIC came onto the European market following the founding of the Chauncey Group Europe S.A. in 1998; and entered France shortly afterwards. It is currently being introduced to the German market and we are proud to be certified test partners.


    The TOEIC certificate plays a key role in the portfolios of middle and upper management at many companies in Asia and also France. In addition, universities are now offering students the TOEIC certificate as a benchmark for their English language skills.



  • ›  Further details

    •  The TOEIC is a non-graded test system with a scoring system of 10 to 990. Consequently a "pass" or "fail" is not allocated – rather just the score. It is a test to establish the existing level of knowledge; previous vocational training is not required.

    • The TOEIC is a 2-hour multiple-choice examination, which assesses listening and reading skills. The multiple-choice method is strongly recommended based on administration, costs and comparability. The exam itself has been put through rigorous tests, by comparing it with other examination methods used over the past years.

    • ETS provides a large number of tests every year. Each exam is only ever given once. Therefore the advantage of being able to practise on the actual test itself is impossible.



  • ›  Practical Application of the TOEIC

    The TOEIC scoring system allows each company to determine its own job profile. Here is an actual example of the competence rating of a well-known business:


    TOEIC Results Function
    900 - 990 managers, who can independently represent their companies and are responsible for conducting contract negotiations with English-speaking business partners
    800 - 899 managers, who can independently represent their companies and are responsible for negotiations with business partners, whereby English is used as the general language
    700 - 799 employees, who are actively involved in discussions with business partners, whereby English is used as the general language
    600 - 699 employees, who accompany and support those taking part in business discussions. They can be called upon to give a short prepared address and/or take the minutes of proceedings.
    400 - 500 employees, who have occasional and short contact with English. This can include the greeting of visitors (in person and on the telephone), as well as dealing with the post.

Making contact


We are only able to give you a brief initial impression of the TOEIC test here. If you have any further questions, we would be happy to talk to you in person about the test.


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