School projects in developing countries

We are looking for fellow helpers and emulators for our sponsorship project aimed at building schools in developing countries and would like to win you over as a donor with this report and the pictures from our projects in Chad. This kind of a commitment is suitable for individuals as well as for any corporate communities, such as departments or entire companies.

These are sub-projects of broad development projects of "World Vision Deutschland e.V."



The idea


We arrived at this idea in conjunction with our own business operations. From a development perspective, an education is the best and most sustainable self-help for young people there is.


Our appeal to maybe you win you over as fellow helpers is based on our own experiences. Thanks to World Vision's management of these projects, one receives an annual update on the use of funds and the latest status of these projects. Local personalities such as mayors and teachers write very nice letters and send photos. It's development aid with a distinct personal touch.



Our projects


We have been supporting World Vision in Chad since 1998. From 1998 to 2010, we built one secondary school in the central town and primary schools in 5 smaller villages in the region of Beissa, a district with a population of 15,000 and 5,000 school-age children. World Vision completed this project in 2010 and handed the management of it over to locals – this is one of World Vision's principles..

Since 2010, we have been supporting the Ba Illi project. Ten thousand people live there in 21 villages.

Project start: 1 school for girls built and equipped • 29 teachers given advanced training • 22 teachers provided with teaching materials • 56 members of parents' associations given further training • 614 parents in 3 villages reached with campaigns on the right to an education.

2011 former primary school village Gounaida

2011 primary school village Gounaida

2011 new classrooms in village Gounaida

2011 primary school village Djourdamie

Pictures from the Beissa project

These people have a sense of humour: The football

team played under the name of FC Schroeder.

Ways you can help


If you would like to sponsor a child or get involved in one of World Vision's projects – either as a group of friends or a corporate community, please contact World Vision direct.

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